Top Tips for an Effective Business Website

Designing a website for your business can be tricky. There are so many different factors that have to come into consideration, and it’s difficult to choose just the right one. Don’t worry though! We’re here to help you get started with some of our top tips for designing an effective business website. Top Tips for an Effective Business Website design


 Make your site mobile responsive.

Mobile responsiveness is critical for a website to be effective. American adults spend more than five hours on their mobile phones every day, while one-third do all of their shopping online via this device and more specifically through eCommerce sites that cater exclusively or primarily towards the smartphone audience such as Amazon or eBay with its “mobile-friendly” functionality turned ON!

 Make it easy to find

You can have a website with one domain or many. You need to incorporate SEO best practices, keyword research, and content marketing strategies in order for your site to be successful so it’ll attract visitors on its own accord!

Place your contact information above the fold

Your business depends on people being able to contact you or call your sales team, but they’re not sure where that information is.

Make it easy to navigate

As a general rule of thumb, Dan Veltri recommends limiting your top-level navigation menu to five clearly labeled tabs and related pages organized under them.

Keep your pages uncluttered

Paul Bolls, associate professor of strategic communication at the Missouri School of Journalism said that when information is too much it overloads our mind and makes us unable to retain new info.

Make sure it’s accurate

The quality of information posted on a website can make or break it. Inaccurate data will turn customers off, whether they’re getting the wrong numbers from outdated listings and product info sites with grammatical errors in their posts – even if you don’t mean for them to do so!

 Respect the need for speed

The internet is a fast-paced environment. It’s important to keep your customers engaged and satisfied so they don’t bounce off of you in waves – but how do we make sure that websites load quickly enough? A study conducted by Akamai, an international digital marketing company with offices worldwide has found some interesting results. The research team tested the loading speed on over 250 popular sites across 10 different countries including USA, UK India China Korea Japan Singapore Turkey Argentina Brazil Germany France Italy Spain Poland or Netherlands Ukraine among others; 88% percent of web users will leave if their destination takes longer than 3 seconds! This means maintaining high standards for both content delivery as well as functionality can have dramatic positive effects not only now but down the line

Have a call to action design

Your website will only be as successful and impactful as the call to action on your landing pages. Whether it’s encouraging users to take some type of action, such as signing up for a service or downloading whitepaper(s), giving them more information about what they’re looking at is important! designs

Keep your design simple

When designing an online page, it is important to keep the user’s focus on your website. We use fonts and colors that are easy for readers’ screens (and eyes) which can be distracted by other elements like animations or shadows shown in some layouts of websites with complex designs. To make sure people read everything you put up there – short paragraphs work best so they won’t get bored before
finishing what interests them most! design

 Incorporate SEO best practices

A great website is no longer enough to get ahead in the internet era. You need people finding you online, not just coming upon your site by chance or via paid advertisement campaigns if they are interested at all! And while it may seem like more work than ever before with search engines ranking sites based on keywords these days- creating quality content can actually help give your business an edge over competitors who don’t invest heavily into an SEO strategy

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